San Diego Superior Court Seeking Locals With ‘Good Judgment’ to Apply for Civil Grand Jury

The seal of the San Diego Superior Court.

The San Diego Superior Court is seeking locals with “good judgment” to apply for a year working on the Civil Grand Jury.

The civilian oversight body does not conduct or serve on criminal investigations. Instead, it functions as a watchdog group that investigates citizen complaints and government agencies. The group’s investigations are done under the auspices and guidance of the Superior Court and has broad access to public officials, employees, records and information.

“What we’re looking for are people who are interested in an objective, fair evaluation and a review of the various govenrment servies that they can look into, who can formulate a coherent cogent report review of the operations,” said Michael Roddy, San Diego Superior Court executive officer and jury commissioner.

“You’re just looking for good people with experience, common sense… Ordinary people who want to step in and look at what government does.”

The group’s nineteen members are intended to act as a broad representation of the county’s overall population. They are expected to work four days a week for approximately six hours a day from July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025. They will receive a small daily stipend, parking, and mileage. 

The grand jury collectively writes and publishes several reports about county operations each year, making recommendations and suggestions for improving local government programs and initiatives. The 2022-2023 reports included looks at road conditions, human trafficking, housing, access to public bathrooms, and more.

Applications can be obtained by calling (619) 450-7272, picked up at the the Central Courthouse or East County, North County or South County Regional Centers, or downloaded from the San Diego Superior Court’s website. More information can be found here.

Individuals who meet the following requirements are encouraged to apply:

• U.S. citizen

• At least 18 years old

• Sufficient knowledge of the English language

• Lived in San Diego County for at least one year immediately prior to selection

All candidates will be required to pass a criminal background check.

All application forms must be received by January 12, 2024. Qualified candidates will be nominated for a random drawing tentatively scheduled for June 7, 2024. The random drawing gives each supervisorial district equal representation by population.

The position does not offer individual power, but it does have significant influence as part of an oversight body.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for citizens in San Diego County to really understand how their government functions and the breadth of services that government provides, and to provide comments and recommendations to improve the functioning of government,” said Roddy.