San Diego Moms: 2023 Holiday Guide for Families

The holidays are officially upon us. The upcoming Halloween festivities signals one thing for all parents: It’s time to think about Christmas and what to get for your little ones. Aside from the little ones, you must also think about your partners and your pets! 

Here is the ultimate holiday gift guide that incorporates every member of the family.

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For the Little Ones

First thing first — let’s start with the kids. From the ones who crawl to the ones who want a bike to ride to school. Here are the hot products we’re eyeing this holiday season. 

If your little one is just experiencing Christmas for the first time this year, check out the cozy SnuzPod 4, a bassinet made by United Kingdom brand, Snuz. The top-rated crib is made for bedside sleeping and just became available in the U.S.! Make sure your baby is snuggled in style with the ultrasoft bamboo Harry Potter sleepwear collection from Kyte Baby x Harry Potter.

If your baby is moving and grooving, invest in a Learn ‘N Slide/Climb where little ones can build their strength and confidence through play. This stand-alone, double-sided balance trainer features half-moon hand and foot grips for climbing as well as a smooth surface for sliding. Strider is adding to its ever-reliable balance bike with a Rocking Bike, which combines a 12” Strider Balance Bike with an innovative rocking base that makes it possible for babies as young as 6 months old to begin the process of learning to ride a bike.Need a cuddly friend? These adorable handmade dolls from Cuddle+Kind are a lasting gift. The give-back company also donates meals for every doll purchased. 

How about a gift for both mom and babe? Check out the new Thule Shine stroller, a compact and lightweight, yet spacious city stroller that allows you and your baby to take on the day together. 

Make those Paw Patrol dreams come to life with all the new pup toys unveiled this year. From cuddly stuffed Skye and Chase dolls from Gund to the Paw Patrol Aircraft Carrier HQ to the Pup Squad Patroller. 

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 has new toys in partnership with Disney that feature Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet to make learning and exploring fun! Be sure to also check out the brand’s Rainbow Castle in the Clouds for all rainbow-loving kids out there.

Get silly during a holiday, family game night with Monkey See Monkey Poo. Choose your monkey and spin to see how many flings you get. Lift the Monkey Flinger’s tail, load the banana-scented poo dough and push down on the tail until all the dough is in the Monkey’s hands.

Celebrate 25 years of Tech Deck with the Tech Deck 25th Anniversary 8-Pack, featuring authentic fingerboards with legit graphics from real skate companies! Shredding just got a lot more nostalgic and stylish—experience classic board shapes and ride through memory lane with fingerboards.

Love your brain-teasers? Check out Rubik’s Disney Platinum Cube, a limited-edition 3×3 collector’s cube with a premium metallic finish. When solved, the sides feature images of classic & modern Disney movie characters, including Mickey Mouse, Simba, Woody, Belle and Elsa. 

Does your teen love their selfies? They’ll love them even more when they can easily print them out and share with friends with the SELPHY CP1500 Portable Photo Printer, a compact and wireless photo printer.

Keep the learning fun with Clixo, a first-of-its-kind, multi-sensory, magnetic building toy that can be built in both 2D and 3D! The flexible pieces combine the magic of origami with the power of magnets to let kids build an infinite number of creations. Learning Resources also has an assortment of educational toys to ensure your kids are having a grand time, while learning. 

Photo courtesy of Priority Bicycles

Finally, for all the riders, check out the Droyd electric tricycle. Built on an all-plastic body, Droyd’s Romper takes the traditional trike and gives it electric power using a 24v lithium-ion battery, a brushed DC motor, and a multicolor light-up LED front wheel. Style up the two-wheeler for everyone in the family with Priority Bicycles. This sleek, lightweight rides come in a variety of colors and even in electric form. 

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For the Moms

Help mom unwind this holiday season with the Heart of Kenefick,  a gift set that includes the 2021 Sauvignon Blanc, 2019 Cabernet Franc Caitlin’s Select, and 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Chris’s Cuvee from the beloved family-owned Kenefick Ranch. If mom likes something sweet, check out FUNKIN COCKTAILS, nitro-infused cans made with real fruit and real spirits to serve up a velvety smooth texture. Or let mom indulge in a gift box with Cookies with Tiffany where Le Cordon Bleu-trained Tiffany Lewis whips up batches of delightful cookies that can be delivered anywhere in the U.S. 

If mom loves her selection of fine teas, check out Vahdam India Spice Advent Calendar so she can have a cup of great tea everyday leading up to Christmas! If she needs more of a kick, how about a new espresso machine from EspressoWorks. The company’s all-in-one set includes everything you need to make espresso at home.

For the moms who love their beauty supplies, grab her a stylish bag with Stephanie Johnson. The brand has a sustainable line that is still on trend. She’ll also love the Baloom Microcurrent Face Massager , which lifts, rejuvenates, and stimulates skin, improving facial contour and appearance – no esthetician required! Or, how about some new jewelry from Goldstories, a collection of jaw-dropping bling.  Check out the Monya jewelry collection from renowned interior designer and television host Genevieve Gorder. The collection includes gorgeous charms, name plates and more.

Bring some more music to your mom’s world with Re-Spin by Vitrola where mom can play old-school records. Need some quirky and unique gifts? Try Brass Monkey for an assortment of games, office supplies and other cool items you can’t find anywhere else. 

Does mom love sustainable products? Add some throughout the house for her with Living Outlines, a smart product line of products that are safer for you and the environment.

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For the Dads

Give dad some relaxing, silent nights with First Light Coffee Whiskey, a San Diego-brand of craft coffee whiskey. The bold flavors will help dad unwind in no time. Some other alcoholic gift options for dad include Dyfi Gin, a highly-lauded spirit that is precision-distilled to embody the harmonious marriage of nature and craftsmanship, resulting in a truly unique and exquisite gin experience. Or try the Rampur Double Cask, which is made from 100% Indian barley, malted and distilled in traditional copper pot stills by the oldest distillery in India. Finally, you can’t go wrong with the Catedral Mezcal, and for a limited time, you get a free set of natural jicara tasting cups with purchasing a bottle of Catedral on through Nov. 25.

Need something for your golf-loving dad? SkyTrak+ has a sweet SwingBay Golf Simulator Package so dad can play his favorite sport year-round. Or try SwingTurf’s Golf Mat, rated one of the best golf mats by MyGolfSpy. Need some new shoes for the course? ECCO helps golfers simply enjoy their game by making the most comfortable and highest performing shoes on the market. Add some extra style to dad’s game with Bearbottom Clothing, an affordable and sustainable clothing line that’s still stylish. 

Does dad love his luxury? Ricardo Beverly Hills is always reliable and this year, they have new-wheeled cases in a variety of colors and prints. Be sure to also check out the line of shades from Monza that will leave dad feeling like the coolest guy on the block. 

Need something for your outdoorsy dad? Try some new chairs or backpacks from Picnic Time. Even better, get something both mom and dad will love. Can’t send dad to the great outdoors without some reliable tools from Midland, including radios, 2-way talkers and more. 

Finally, equip your dad’s office with the best products on the market, including Epson’s EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Printer and Epson FastFoto FF-680W Scanner. These products will help dad speed through his workday so he has more time for you! Need to add comfort to the office? Try Contour Design products for the most ergonomic-friendly devices out there, including the RollerMouse Red, Balance Keyboard and more.

For the 4-Legged Friends

The holidays are not complete without some love for your four-legged family member! Let’s start with AIRROBO’s PG100, a newly launched pet grooming kit with vacuum that is a great helper to efficiently manage your pets’ fur all year round! Your pet will love the massage-feeling, and you’ll love having less hair around the house! 

Need more grooming tools? Try newest finishing gloves that can be used on dogs, cats and horses. 

Let’s add some delicious treats to your dog’s diet with’s new Bacon-Maple Leaf Crunchies, TheRockster’s new bio-organic Superfood dog food recipes and  PetsBestLife’s new Yummy Combs. Want to make eating even more fun? You’ll love SodaPup’s holiday gnome shaped treat dispenser. 

For the cats, try the CasaLeoPet’s newBlack Cat and Paw-shaped toys to keep your smart four-legged friends engaged. 

What else do you recommend for holiday gifting? Tell us in the comments!


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Originally posted 2023-10-28 16:00:00.