America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes … What’s Yours?

Corn bread? Sweet potatoes? String beans? Cranberry sauce?

With the festive season just around the corner, HubScore has released its recent report on America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish by State.

According to America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish Report – a comprehensive study by research firm HubScore that delved into a survey of the top Thanksgiving sides-  the nation’s heart seems to be set on “Corn casserole”. This side dish has dominated in 17 states mostly in the South. 

The study also found the top Thanksgiving sides in each state. Here’s the list:

• Alabama: Corn casserole

• Alaska: Green bean casserole

• Arizona: Mashed potatoes

• Arkansas: Corn casserole

• California: Mashed potatoes

• Colorado: Mashed potatoes

• Connecticut: Mashed potatoes

• Delaware: Mashed potatoes

• District of Columbia: Mashed potatoes

• Florida: Corn casserole

• Georgia: Corn casserole

• Hawaii: Mashed potatoes

• Idaho: Green bean casserole

• Illinois: Corn casserole

• Indiana: Corn casserole

• Iowa: Corn casserole

• Kansas: Green bean casserole

• Kentucky: Sweet potato casserole

• Louisiana: Green bean casserole

• Maine: Mashed potatoes

• Maryland: Mac and cheese

• Massachusetts: Cranberry sauce

• Michigan: Corn casserole

• Minnesota: Mashed potatoes

• Mississippi: Sweet potato casserole

• Missouri: Corn casserole

• Montana: Cranberry sauce

• Nebraska: Corn casserole

• Nevada: Mashed potatoes

• New Hampshire: Green bean casserole

• New Jersey: Cranberry sauce

• New Mexico: Green bean casserole

• New York: Mac and cheese

• North Carolina: Mac and cheese

• North Dakota: Corn casserole

• Ohio: Corn casserole

• Oklahoma: Green bean casserole

• Oregon: Cranberry sauce

• Pennsylvania: Corn casserole

• Rhode Island: Mashed potatoes

• South Carolina: Mac and cheese

• South Dakota: Corn casserole

• Tennessee: Corn casserole

• Texas: Green bean casserole

• Utah: Green bean casserole

• Vermont: Mashed potatoes

• Virginia: Mashed potatoes

• Washington: Cranberry sauce

• West Virginia: Corn casserole

• Wisconsin: Corn casserole

• Wyoming: Green bean casserole

No matter which side dish you decide to put on your Thanksgiving spread, we wish you a heartwarming and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving. For a comprehensive list of favorite Thanksgiving side dishes by state, explore our full report here.